Our Dearly Departed Classmates

Sadly, our list has grown since substantially since our last reunion. 

There are probably some on this list that you did not know were gone.

As we get older, more will follow. 

That is why you must try to reconnect now. 

Seeing friends, and even foes from high school will keep you 

"forever young".

Barry Aebischer

Lynelle Aterberry

Jack Barone

Peter Beilewich

Richard Boyers

Wendy Buck

Tom Carland

Cheryl Cassety

Chuck Collura

Rich Contratto

Tom Dobbins

Dean Doering

Julie Earl

Mitch Eves

Brian Frey

Larry Funseth

Susan Gettig

Linda Hallet

Scherherazade Haque

Paul Johnson

Diane Kasting

Jeff Kibler

Gail Kirk

Suzanne Krebs

Pamela Mattioli

David Metzger

Jeff Moynihan

Jim Nowakowski

Abby Palanker

Leonard Rizzo

John Robinson

Lee Seymour

Marc Simon

David Smith

Alan Toale

Jon Tonner